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Habemus Papam!

At a recent visit to a large Catholic bookstore, I found a real treasure of a book for our home library. I was thinking of giving it to one of them for Easter (our family tradition is to stuff the Easter baskets with books in addition to candy), but I’m not sure I can wait that long for them to have it, so we may just stick it on the shelf. Karen Congeni has written a beautiful, simple children’s book entitled We Have A Pope!.

I’ll give a disclaimer here that for obvious reasons, this is a very Catholic book and explanation of the papacy is faithful to the teachings of the Church. Just want to make that clear! My favorite part of the book is that each page has very bright photographs of either traditional artwork depicting biblical scenes, pictures of Popes in the past, or scenes from the Vatican that we would have seen during the most recent papal election.

So the book begins with a brief explanation of who the pope is, why Jesus made Peter the first pope and how that relates to our current pope. It then moves to explain why the popes change their names, where the pope lives and how the church chooses a pope. In the back there’s a glossary and a list of popes, from Peter to Benedict XVI.

I am so happy to have found this book, it does a great job of explaining the papacy to children and communicating the excitement that was felt in the church when Benedict XVI was chosen. I’m skeptical that you could find this book in your library, but Amazon carries it as well as many Catholic book stores.

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