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Over the past few years we’ve given this book as a gift to several of our friends children for baptisms, birthdays, etc.  I’ve always had it on our list of ones to buy for our own home library but never have, until our own children were lucky enough to receive it for Christmas from a family member!

Diana M. Amadeo has compiled a lovely book about saints and blesseds of the Americas.  There are some wonderful stories of missionary saints in the Americas that often get overlooked in saint compilations.  Holy Friends:  Thirty Saints and Blesseds of the Americas is well written, and a joy to page through.  There are some well known saints in there, such as Katherine Drexel and John Neumann, but there are also lesser known ones (well, to me they are lesser known), such as Saint Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga.  The saints are arranged by country, alphabetically.  Each one has a full page color drawing of them doing their work.  The drawings are very realistic, detailed and captivating.

The details that I appreciate about this book are the flags that show each country that the saint did his or her work.  At the end of each write up about the person, the date of their feast day is given, and there is a short prayer at the end of each one as well.

This book would be a great addition to any history study, especially if using a secular text.  These early missionaries had a huge influence on the beginnings of the Americas and are often overlooked in history texts.  This book also gives the opportunity for geography study along with the saint study.

My only complaint about the book (and it’s a very small one) is that there is no separate listing of the feast days.  In our family, we try to read about the saint on his or her feast day.  It would be helpful to have a list in the back of the book that arranged them by month, rather than having to look at the last page of each write up to find the date.


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