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We are following a classical approach to studying history in our homeschool.  Since my son is in first grade, we focus on Ancient History.  A large part of that is Ancient Egypt.  There are so many great books about Ancient Egypt written for kids, and I hope to highlight more along the way.  But I’ll focus on just 2 of them for now.  One, I was reminded of after posting the Gail Gibbons Thanksgiving book earlier.

There is just so much material that one can cover when introducing Ancient Egypt to children.  The following book, is a great simple overview and introduction to ancient Egypt, and combining detailed and colorful drawings.  Mummies, Pyramids, and Pharaohs:  A Book about Ancient Egypt is written and illustrated by Gail Gibbons.

Each page only has a few sentences, and there are labels and other captions with the pictures.  There’s a simple map of Egypt, including the Nile River Delta, and very simple intro to some of the gods.


There’s a description of the pyramids, and what was contained inside, and the last page contains a list of some ancient Egypt discoveries.  The book certainly isn’t sufficient for a study in Ancient Egypt, but it’s a nice place to start and pique the child’s interest.

The second book, is another good starting point, and may get a reluctant child interested in studying something so far removed.  Miles Harvey has a series of books entitled Look What Came From…. In this case, there’s Look What Came from Egypt.


There’s something about the style of this book that is, well, I don’t know maybe a little on the cheesy side.  Maybe it’s the font for the headings on each page.  I don’t know, but it’s not a big criticism.  The book is well done and talks about many ancient Egyptian contributions to our modern society.  Things like embalming, books, sailboats, games, certain domestic animals, foods, etc.  The end of the book includes a recipe to try, a pronunciation guide, and other books to read for more info.  The pictures are well done, usually real photographs and I like that each invention is in bold letters in the paragraph.  Another great book to start the study of Ancient Egypt with.


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