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I just finished a unit with my 6 yo about Moses and the Exodus of the Israelites.  We were rather combining our History studies of ancient Egypt and our religion units of the Ten Commandments.  I wanted to share some of the books we used to enhance our studies.

The one thing to keep in mind with this Bible story is that it can be quite graphic.  From the Pharaoh setting out to kill all the firstborn baby boys to the plagues and Moses’ murder of the Egyptian, these can be violent stories so of course you have to preview these books before reading them to your child, or allowing your child to read them.

I’ll start with the lighter versions first:

Mary Auld has retold the story in two different books:  Exodus from Egypt and Moses in the Bulrushes.

This one starts with a brief telling of how the Israelites became slaves of the Egyptians and ends with Moses being called by God back to free his people.

It’s well done, not too simple nice illustrations.

This one goes into fairly great detail of the plagues and follows the Israelites until after they pass through the Red Sea.  It makes a nice follow up to the above book.  I appreciate the pictures in here, not too gory and there is just something about the style that draws you in.

The next one is by Jean Marzollo (she also wrote the I Spy books).

Miriam and her Brother Moses is definitely more cutesy and lighthearted, focusing on the sibling relationship between Miriam and Moses.  On each page it shows Miriam and the song she would sing to Moses, and how eventually it is that song that helps him remember who he really is, an Israelite.  A tough story is given some reprieve with the images of this little girl dancing and singing, and ducks quacking.

Of these books, this one was one of my son’s favorite to read over and over.  It’s a fun reprieve from a tragic story.

The next two are quite accurate re-tellings of the story.  They are longer versions, with very detailed and sometimes graphic artwork.  They should be used for older children or read-alouds.

Ann Keay Beneduce‘s Moses:  The Long Road to Freedom. Is well done.  My complaints are possibly inconsequential.  I hate the font chosen for the text.  It’s very light, quite small and a lot of space between lines.

I struggle with falling asleep while reading to the kids.  I don’t want to have to squint!

The illustrations by Gennady Spirin are unique.  They remind me of a particular painter but can’t put my finger on who it is.  They are very detailed, with soft colors and kind of grainy.  There is a very detailed picture of the Red Sea engulfing the Egyptians so be sure to preview this one for your kids.

Lastly, Exodus retold by Miriam Chaikin is the most detailed and long version of the story.  It uses many names for the secondary characters.  Starts with Moses as a baby and ends with the Ten Commandments and the Ark of the Covenant.  The drawings are detailed and there is a lot of text on each page.  The storytelling is engaging and it was a good read overall.

So go out and read about Moses and the Exodus.  Advent is a good time to read about one of the Old Testament Promises that lead to the ultimate promise of a Savior.


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