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One of the goals I’ve had for my children this year is to increase our visits to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. While in theory this should be easy, when you toss a very active 2 year old into the mix, it’s a wee bit of a challenge. But I’d like my older child to be able to go for short visits, in hopes to develop that desire and love for our Lord. I’ve recently come across two books that may help us to teach him the importance of adoration and also the connection between what we see and do at Mass and what happens in our home.
The first book is one I came across at our library. It’s an older book, written in the early 50s, so the illustrations, simplicity and innocence presented certainly reflect that. But in the case of this book, it’s a good thing! If Jesus Came to My House is short story, written more in verse about a little boy who imagines what it would be like if…you guessed it…Jesus came to his house. He imagines Jesus as a little boy, like him and has ideas of how and what they would play. Then, very simply the author (Joan Gale Thomas) makes the connection between the Jesus we see in the tabernacle at church and our homes.

“I know the little Jesus
can never call on me
in the way that I’ve imagined
like coming in to tea.

But I can go to His house
and kneel and say a prayer,
and I can sing and worship Him
and talk with Him in there.

And though He may not occupy
my cozy rocking chair,
a lot of other people
would be happy sitting there.

And I can make Him welcome
as He Himself has said,
by doing all I would for Him
for other folk instead. “

Then the story goes on to give ideas that the little boy has of how he can show, in little ways, kindness to others around him. I think it’s a lovely little poem to read to ages 3-6 and have them then come up with ways they can treat people in their homes how they might like to treat Jesus. If you want ways to expand this lesson, there’s a preschool level lapbook for use in conjunction with reading this story.

The second book is a small booklet published by Pauline Books called Come to Jesus! A Kids’ Book for Eucharistic Adoration. This book is definitely for the older kids, strong independent readers. At the same time it could be used for group settings in which children would be at adoration as a group with an adult leader to read parts of it aloud. The book has 3 different sections in which children can have something to read and meditate on during their adoration time. It gives them and understanding of why we go to adoration, prayers to say quietly, and questions to think about in silence. Then there is a Gospel reading with questions and points to ponder in silence.

I hope one of these books might inspire your children!

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